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Circle Around Me | Free PowerPoint Opener Template For Youtube Intro

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  1. From the Home Tab – click Select drop-down button – and then click Selection Pane
  2. From the Animations Tab – click Animation Pane
Circle Around Me - Free Youtube Intro Template
Circle Around Me – Free Youtube Intro Template PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)

The animation has been created using 5 slides and the Channel Logo “T” appears from the second slide. Keep in mind that the letter “T” is not a Text layer and to modify this shape layer you need to follow these steps:

  • The letter “T” is a Shape Layer and you will see different names given to the same layer on each slide. So, instead of using Selection Pane to select this layer, just click on shape from the slide to select.
  • Don’t just delete the Free Form shape layer having letter “T” from the slide instead draw or copy the Logo you want in place of the letter “T”.
  • Once your logo is on the 2nd slide, select the Letter “T” shape layer and from the Animations tab click Animation Painter.
  • Now, click on your newly inserted Logo and that will replicate all the animations on the new object.
  • You need to follow the above steps to replace the Letter “T” from all the slides with your own Channel Logo.

Watch Circle Around Me Free Youtube Intro PowerPoint Template Preview

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