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Youtube Insider: How to Become A Successful Youtuber? By The Teacher

YouTube Insider Course

As a Youtube Insider and a Teacher, writing this article freely to help you build your career as a freelancer. Youtube is a matter of study and you also need to understand the role of various other services and tools to keep yourself on a career-building track.

This article is the theoretical part of a Practical Work!

A long boring story of an Insider. Will soon write a Step by Step Gude on How To Begin With Youtube?

Who am I?

The Teacher – I could be an example for you and can help you in becoming a Youtuber or Insider. I never thought of being one, but now I am. Nowadays, I do nothing but think of posting new informative tutorials on my Youtube Channel and that is what I was doing before Youtube; Teaching. But am I successful as a Youtube Insider? Mostly, it is compared with Earnings or Subscribers Count. For me, it was more than that and as we will begin the Practical Work, you will see all that in My Channel’s Youtube Analytics Report.

Undergraduate and was never good at Academic studies. But I missed so many opportunities for not having an Academic Degree. However, 27th February 2002 was a wonderful day when I cleared Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Exam No. 70-210 about Installing, Configuring, and Administering and became a Microsoft Certified Professional through self-studies.

The Language

English is the thing for most Punjabis. I do hesitate a lot while speaking the English language because I never spoke it before in my entire life. Still, do a lot of mistakes while making Tutorial videos.

Language plays a vital role in Youtube. So, it is important to discuss my viewpoint and experience with the English language.

a global lingua franca

I cleared my Matriculation examination in 1994 and Senior Secondary in 1996 and even after 14 Years of study, I was not good enough in English at all. I learned about Information Technology and the English language through self-studies. I learned English mostly by reading Computer Magazines like Digit, and PC-Quest, and mostly watched Hollywood Movies with Sub-Titles. Passing a Microsoft Examination for a non-English person like me was a big achievement.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

If you will visit the About section of My Channel then you will be surprised to see that I joined Youtube on August 25, 2006, and still only have 100K followers after 580 video uploads. That’s not entirely true. I seriously started working on Youtube after I quit my job in 2015. My last job was as an Assistant Accountant / Inventory Manager in Tally ERP 9 and along with that, I was running a small Computer Institution at my Office / Residence since 1997 with my life; Simran!

You can see a boost in uploads on my channels in the month of August 2015 when I uploaded around 50 videos in a month. That is still the highest upload score of my channel to date.

Youtube Analytics of Published Videos
Youtube Analytics of Published VIdeos on my Channel between 1st October 2015 to 3rd October 2019

Video uploads consistency matters on Youtube.

Pre-planning can save you a lot of time.

Play any video from my Windows 7 Tutorials Playlist and you will immediately notice that I was using a Robotic Text To Speech application for my earlier tutorials. At the beginning of this channel, I started to upload tutorials with Artificial Robotic Voice in Ivona Reader. A voice – Emma is widely used in the videos. A female voice. Why? The Thing, you see! I was not confident enough to make tutorial videos in English using my own voice.

Ancient Vedas and Puranas states

“God is hidden in connotation of words”

Either Atheist or Deists but Karma is still a Bitch!

So once you understand the fundamentals, you can go beyond the limits. That is what this article is all about to give you an idea about starting a career with Youtube. Maybe part-time in the beginning and full-time later. Just as I am doing right now. After 4 years of consecutive working on my channel, I finally started working full-time as an Insider and am now a Blogger too.

Presently busy setting this Wordpres blog.

Hopefully, will also publish a Step-by-Step Guide On Setting A WordPress Blog For Beginners

Youtube Analytics Geography Report
01st January 2016 to 31st December 2016
Geographical Report

In 2016, the United States was at top on the chart in terms of Views, Total Watch Time, and Average Video View Duration. So, make a note that “I decided to make my tutorial videos in English as a Bridge Language because I wanted my videos to be seen All Around the World.” As an Indian and considering Youtube for vlogging, my next preferred language will surely be our National Language Hindi with 322 Million Speakers.

There are more than 6000 Spoken Languages in the world and starting a Youtube Channel in Local or Region Language, where a low percentage of people can understand it can seriously impact the View Counts and Earnings of your videos.

For instance, to start a new Youtube Channel, my third preferred language will be Punjabi, which is the native language of around 130 million people but most of them live in the Punjab region. In the next section, I will explain How Geography (the Location from where your videos are being watched) can also impact a Channel’s performance?

Language and Region can make a significant impact on Youtube Earnings.

Rajiv Kohli

How do your videos make money on Youtube?

How do your videos make money on Youtube vs How much money our videos can make from Youtube? The Youtube Algorithm is hidden in the answer to the first question, whereas the answer to the second question will only explain earning calculations. The second question is comparative too. Have you ever asked a Teacher how much you will earn after completing school or college? Academic Qualifications help you to build a career and Youtube is also a subject of learning. So, if you want to make a career on Youtube then you must study it thoroughly.

Computers have all the inputs and outputs pre-recorded in the first place. You get prespecified outputs for prespecified inputs.

Youtube, The Advertisement Business & Monetization

Media is deeply connected with Advertisements and in 2017 it was estimated that Digital Ad Sales were the first to surpass the TV Market with Global Advertising Sales reaching $493 Billion in 2016. So, Youtube Monetization is all about Advertisements, and for a Youtube Insider – Advertisement means Earnings!

Youtube is an American video-sharing website popular around the world (but still banned in many regions) created by three PayPal employeesChad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005.

Google bought the site for 1.65 Billion Dollars in November 2006. Youtube now operates as a subsidiary of Google.

As Google offers many services, Youtube one of its sub-ordinate offers a variety of videos, most of which are user-generated or corporate media videos. People from around the world upload videos on their channels on a variety of different topics like Technology, Lifestyles, Beauty, Fashion, Software, Electronics and you name it.

Youtube allows its Users to Upload Videos, Manage Videos, Youtube Analytics, Rate (Like/Dislike), Comment, Share, Report, Subscribe to other Youtube Users, and many more. Certain tasks can only be performed after Signing-In to Youtube using a Free Gmail account. A Free Gmail account can be used for most Google Services.

User-generated videos mean, most of them are uploaded by people like you and me. Corporate media videos; are mostly related to the Music and Film industries, which manage large users’ content. A music company like Vevo has more than 18M Subscribers and artists have their individual channels like EminemVEVO, both might be managed by a single company.

Youtube is all about videos: Create a Channel, Upload Videos, and submit them for review once your video is approved for Monetization, Youtube will automatically start placing ads inside or around the video. See Figure 1.1:

Youtube Skippable Video Ad and Display Ads screenshot
Figure 1.1
Showing Skippable Video ad and Display Ads

Youtube Ad Formats

You might have already seen various types of ads that appear when you watch videos on Youtube. There are basically 6 types of Ad Units that Youtube can display in or around your video content.

  • Display Ads
  • Overlay Ads
  • Skippable Video Ads
  • Non-skippable Video Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Sponsored Cards

Language, Region, and CPM

There is still more to tell you about choosing the right Language, as it concerns Region, which concerns Viewership, which further concerns CPM (Cost Per Thousand Mile), and these terms further relate to Google Services; Adsense, and Adwords. So, if you want to learn Youtube then you must also know how these two services work. how to use them? how are they concerned with Youtube?

Advertisement means; promoting your product through any given platform. As there are thousands of other Youtube Insiders, who upload videos just as I do. Presently, most of the content that I am uploading on my channel relates to Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 Tutorials. Most of my subscriber base likes to watch PowerPoint Animation tutorial videos and their view count is more than other tutorials. There are hundreds of other active channels, that are showing their PowerPoint skills by making Motion Graphics in PowerPoint Tutorials. In reality, we are competitors. Our videos compete for Ranking which relates to Views.

See Figure 1.2, using Google Ads Keyword Planner to know how many searches are made within a month for the search keyword “PowerPoint Tutorial”?

Google Keyword Plan Tool
Google Ads Keyword Plan Tool
Figure 1.2
  • Locations: India and the United States
  • Language: English
  • Search Networks: Google and search partners
  • Products and Services: PowerPoint tutorial
  • Filter Domain: Youtube
  • Avg. Monthly Searches: 1K – 10K
  • Competition: Low

So, around 1K to 10K peoples from India and the United States use the “PowerPoint Tutorial” keyword as a search term on Youtube to look for video tutorials on the given topic in the English language. Of course, I would like my videos to appear in the top ranks for the searched keyword. If one of my videos is appearing in Top Ranked Videos that means it is getting 1K to 10K Thumbnail Impressions for that particular searched keyword in a month.

Youtube search result for PowerPoint Tutorial
Youtube Search Results for keyword “PowerPoint Tutorial”
Figure 1.3

In Figure 1.3, on 4th Rank, a video is appearing TitledHorse Walk Cycle Animation in PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 Motion Graphics Tutorial published 2 Weeks ago with 2.2K Views by The Teacher channel. When a viewer sees the Thumbnail of your video either in Search Results, Suggested Videos, Subscribers Feed or Home Page; then it is called an Impression.

For instance, let’s say my video might get 1000 Views out of 10000 Impressions that it received for the search keyword term “PowerPoint Tutorial” within a month from India and the United States. During the playback of this video; Youtube places an Ad in any of the above-mentioned formats; for which an Advertiser is paying Youtube, and Youtube is sharing the Revenue with you for each Monetized Playback (for an eligible impression of an Ad for which the advertiser will be charged).

So for the keyword “PowerPoint Tutorial” one of my videos got 1000 Views; and before, during, or after these 1000 playbacks; out of which, Youtube placed Ads from different advertisers in 500 Playbacks. This video received 1000 Views but I will get paid only for those views during which an Ad was shown by Youtube. Those are called the “Monetized Views”.

The Advertisements

For instance, one of the videos received 1000 Views through Youtube Search Traffic from two locations: India (500 Views) and the United States (500 Views). In India, a Skippable Video ad is shown (Advertiser: Lifestyle Stores) during 400 playbacks out of 500 (400 Monetized Views from India). See Figure 1.4:

Youtube Non-Skippable Video Ad
Figure 1.4

Let’s say, in India, the Lifestyle Stores is paying Rs. 140 (around $2) for 1000 Ad impressions. So, his Ad is appearing before, during, or after when my video was being watched in many different regions of India by different types of Audiences and having different interests.

Audiences and Some Facts

Youtube already has over a billion users. You can navigate Youtube in 75 different languages covering almost 95% of the internet population. Youtube is the second largest search engine; even bigger than Yahoo, Bing, and Asked combined.

A Few Youtube Facts

That is where we all get interlinked together: Me, Youtube, the Advertiser, Traffic Source, and the Audiences.

With Trillions of videos, Billions of Users, and Millions of Creators; it is for sure that Youtube maintains the database and they know about each and every Click happening on their website and I really mean by Every Click. They know the behavior of their audience, specifically of signed-in users.

It is easy to understand. As I am managing this website then I surely want to know how much viewership I have. From where the Audience is coming to this website; the Traffic Source? Which Page they are viewing the most? How long they stayed on a specific page? and hundreds of other Audience Data Points. So knowing the interest and behavior of my audience can help me to produce better content. The more they will explore my website; the better will be the results for me.

Google Analytics of
Figure 1.6

In Figure 1.6, look at the Left-Side Pane and see the list of different kinds of Reports. All these Google Analytics Reports will provide me with information about my website’s Audiences.

So, Youtube knows what kind of video content a user likes, from which country he is viewing the video, which language he prefers the most, what are his/her viewing interest and many more audience data points.

Google AdWords or Google Ads is used to advertise a product on various Google platforms like a website hosting Google Ads (just like this one) or a Youtube Channel. So the advertiser will always take several data points into consideration before publishing an advertisement on Youtube for which he will pay Youtube $8 for showing a skippable video ad during 1000 Playbacks. Now, think it in large terms that a company is going to spend $1,000,000 Million on an Ad campaign then surely they will be very specific about the audiences to whom they would like to show the advertisement. Surely, they would not like to show their Ads in India as the company might not be shipping their products in that region and of course not even to those audiences, who can’t even understand the Language of the Ad itself.

For instance, a skippable video Ad of an American Cosmetic Company in the English language is being played in the Punjab region, where most of the audience speaks a different language. Even the advertised product is not available in that region. Exactly it doesn’t make any sense.

The Advertiser creates an Ad Campaign in Google Ads, where they set specific audience data points to whom they would like to show the advertisement (like Language, Region, Interests, etc.) and when that Ad will get played on Youtube, it will be shown to a very specific audience mentioned by the Advertiser.

Basically, Youtube works in a very systematic manner and you need to learn that system.

Hope you must have enough time to build your career as a Youtube Insider

How Much Money Our Videos Can Make From Youtube?

The “Horse Walk Cycle” video appears 10000 times (impressions) in Youtube Search Results all around the world; for the keyword “PowerPoint tutorial” and with 10% CTR (Click-through-rate) it gets 1000 Total views from 2 locations: 500 Views from India and 500 Views from the United States. During these playbacks, Youtube crawls its Google Ads database, matches it with the Video Content + the Viewer Interest, and then displays an Ad accordingly.

  • Colorbar Cosmetics Ads appeared 100 Times out of 500 Playbacks in the United States for which the company is paying $10 for 1000 Ad impressions.
  • Lifestyle Stores Ads appeared 400 Times out of 500 Playbacks in India for which the company is paying Rs. 140 (around $2) for 1000 Ad impressions
  • An estimated cost of 1 Ad Impression from Colorbar Cosmetics: $10 / 1000 Impressions = $0.01
  • An estimated cost of 1 Ad Impression from Lifestyle Stores: $2 / 1000 Impressions = $0.002
  • United States = 100 Ad Impressions / 1000 Impressions x $10 = $1 (or $0.01×100 = $1)
  • India = 400 Ad Impressions / 1000 Impressions x $2 = $0.80 (or $0.002×400 = $0.80)
  • Approximate Gross Income: $1.80

Youtube will share the revenue by keeping 45% of the total amount charged to the Advertiser and 55% will be transferred to your Youtube Earnings.

How Much Money Do Youtubers Make?

The advertisers running CPM ads set their desired price per 1000 and pay each time their ad appears during video playback. In 24 hours, several ads can appear during the playback and the viewer could be from any region of the world and might speak a different language. The advertisers might be paying different costs per thousand impressions. All these factors indicate that a fixed amount cannot be applied for 1000 Ads impressions.

  • Ad Impressions = (Amount Charged To Advertiser / For 1000 Ad Impressions) x Ad Impressions
  • Total Ad Impressions 500 (400 India + 100 US) = ((400/1000*2)+(100/1000*10))

I have uploaded around 580 videos on my Youtube Channel in the past 4 years. In September 2019, Youtube Analytics of my channel shows that all my videos received around 5.3 Million Impressions and out of which my videos received 470K Views with a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 4%. Out of 470K Views, 258K Views counted as Monetized Playbacks (ads appeared during their playback). Here are some more interesting stats that might help you to understand the CPM and the importance of the Region from where your video is being watched.

My Channel’s Youtube Analytics from 1st September 2019 to 30th September 2019 for India and US:

CountryViewsMonetized ViewsApproximate
Net Earning
United States62,98459,204$1377
  • India47,425 Monetized Views (55%) out of 106,579 Total Views
  • US59,204 Monetized Views (93%) out of 62,984 Total Views.

The above stats clearly indicate that Youtube prefers to show ads on my videos when they are played in the United States Region and these ads are paying more than those played in India. As of today, the Current Average Playback-Based CPM of my channel is around $9 and even that average amount is not even fixed for the day.

Average means, those 580 videos get 470K Views in a month from around 195 different countries of the world. In each country, a different Ad, from a unique advertiser, in a different Ad format might be shown during my video playbacks, where every advertiser is paying a different Cost Per Thousand Impressions.

An Estimate – How much my channel can earn this month?

  • Average Monthly Views = 100K
  • Average Monetized Monthly Views = 50K
  • Average CPM = $5
  • 50000/1000*5 = $250 (Estimated)

So, that was the answer to our second question How much money our videos can earn from Youtube? Using the above method you can easily make an estimate that how much a channel can earn if it gets 500,000 Monetized Views from the United States with an average CPM of 5$.

Youtube Traffic Sources & Video View Counts

The purpose of this article was to give you some basic ideas about the Youtube Advertisement system. But how possibly you can start earning from Youtube? Again take a look at Figure 1.3 where one video from my channel is ranking at number 4 for searched keyword “PowerPoint tutorials” and that is where lies the answer to our first question How do Our Videos Make Money From Youtube?

Of course, your videos need to be viewed before it can start earning money. But how it will reach the specific audience to which your video content is targeted for? Like, I regularly upload videos on the topic “PowerPoint tutorials”. My targetted audience is those people who are looking for “PowerPoint tutorial videos on Youtube”. As I had mentioned before that there are thousands of other creators, who are uploading videos on the same topic. So, which video will get most of the most views, and how and when your videos will start appearing at different Playback locations through different Traffic Sources?

In September 2019, all my videos received 470K Views from 13 different Youtube Traffic Sources and the Top 4 Traffic Sources of my channel are:

  • Suggested Videos – 123K Views (26%)
  • External – 141K (30%)
  • Youtube Search – 124K (26%)
  • Browse Features – 23K (4.9%)

The above 4 major Youtube Traffic sources on my channel are getting 86% of the total 470K views. Rest of the 9 Traffic Sources: Other Youtube features, Direct or unknown, Channel pages, Playlists, End Screens, Playlist page, Notifications, Video cards and annotations, and Youtube advertising; all contributing 14% to the total traffic.

Youtube Video Ranking System

Suggested Videos and Youtube Searches could be 2 major traffic sources for a new Youtube Channel. However, it totally depends that how the audience reaches your video.

Our video is ranking at number 4 in Youtube Search for the searched keyword “PowerPoint tutorial”. So, if 10 people click on the Thumbnail Impression; that means I got 10 Views through Youtube Search. Figure 1.4 shows, a skippable video ad is getting played before the video. On the left side, you see another Banner Ad on the top. The Up next section with an AutoPlay slider showing the next video that will get auto-played after this video, if the AutoPlay is turned on. Below that Up Next Video Thumbnail, you can see a long list of other Suggested Videos. As my video is getting played, Youtube suggests more videos from other channels, which could mostly be related to viewers’ interest.

Making a career as a Youtube Insider is the art of understanding technology. You need to understand how specific inputs create specific outputs on Youtube, so that more and more of your videos may appear in different Youtube Traffic Sources. Basically, you need to learn how to rank your videos on Youtube.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

For beginners: Ranking a video on the top of the charts is not an easy task. Each of your uploaded videos competes for rank with all the other previously uploaded videos on the same topic. You need Views to make your channel grow on Youtube and for views; your videos must be seen by the audience. YouTube will decide when and where it will show an impression of your video to a specific viewer.

How to Become A Successful Youtuber – A Step By Step Guide tutorial series will try to help you in achieving your dreams. The Youtube Algorithm is tightly related to Search Engine Optimization. Learning SEO strategies will help you to make your videos appear on top ranks. Wait for our next article on First Step Towards Your Journey To Youtube.

That was just an Introduction to start building your career on Youtube and will soon publish our next article. If you find this information useful then don’t forget to leave a comment or suggestion.

I hope you got The Teacher Point.

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