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SeaBird Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial using Morph Transition

SearBird Animation in PowerPoint

Introduction To SeaBird Animation

Another easiest Morph Transition Tutorial showing a flying SeaBird Animation in PowerPoint created using only three slides and we are making this without using any PowerPoint animation effect.

SeaBird Animation in PowerPoint

The SeaBird is drawn using the FreeForm and Rounded Corner Rectangle Shape Tools. See Figure 1.1:

Seabird Slide 1
Figure 1.1

Setup The First Slide

  • The Thumbnail view displays that Slide No. 1 is selected and this presentation contains a total of 3 slides.
  • The Transition tab shows that No Transitions have been applied on Slide No. 1 and as I always said, “There is no use of applying Morph to the first slide in PowerPoint. It will behave like Fade In effect for the first slide.”
  • Advance Slide is set to After with 00.00.00 Seconds duration. You will see the first slide just for 0.01 Seconds.
  • Animation Pane shows that no animation effects have been applied.

Wireframe View of Seabird

Seabird Wireframe View
Figure 1.2
  • The wireframe view in Figure 1.2 shows all the different shapes used to draw Seabird. We have a total of 3 grouped objects: Body, Front Wing, and Back Wing.

Setup The Second Slide

  • We need the same Seabird on Slide No. 2 but have the wings positioned downwards. You can duplicate the first slide by right-clicking on the Thumbnail view and choosing Duplicate Slide from the context menu. See Figure 1.3:
Duplicate Slide in PowerPoint
Figure 1.3
  • On Slide No. 2, select the Front Wing and then apply the Flip Vertical command from Rotate drop-down menu in Format Tab. See Figure 1.4:
Rotate Flip Vertical in PowerPoint
Figure 1.4
  • Front Wing is now upside down. Repeat the same steps for the second wing to Flip Vertically and then adjust the position.
Seabird Animation Slide 2
Figure 1.5
  • Apply Morph Transition on the 2nd slide with 0.75 Seconds Duration and Advance Slide set to After with 0.00 Seconds.
  • In Figure 1.6, you can see that Body and Wings have been moved a bit up from the middle of the slide on the 2nd Slide. The guidelines are indicating the difference in position. During the slideshow, when the Wings will go down, the body will move a bit up.
  • Finally, make another duplicate of the 1st slide and place it on Number 3.
Seabird Slide 3
Figure 1.6
  • Apply Morph Transition on the 3rd slide with 0.75 Seconds Duration and Advance Slide set to After with 0.00 Seconds.
SeaBird Animation in PowerPoint GIF
SeaBird Animation in PowerPoint

I hope you got The Teacher Point!

Watch SeaBird Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial Video

The article How To Make Sea Bird Animation also applies to the following versions:

  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2016
  • PowerPoint 2019
  • Office 365

Download Sea Bird Animation PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)

PPT Info

PowerPoint Presentation
File Type: PPT / PPTX
File Size: 53KB
Number of Slides: 3
Sea Bird Animation in PowerPoint
Animated Scenes: 1

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