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Musical Bar Animated Loader in PowerPoint Tutorial

Musical Bars Animated Loader in PowerPoint GIF

Today, I’m excited to share a step-by-step tutorial on how to craft a visually stunning musical bar animated loader in PowerPoint 2016. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or just starting, this tutorial will add a dynamic edge to your presentations. Let’s dive in!

Setting Up the Presentation

  1. Start a New Presentation:
  • Begin by creating a new presentation and selecting a blank layout.
  1. Draw the Musical Bar:
  • Draw a rectangle shape using the specified dimensions.
  • Remove the outline to maintain a sleek appearance.

Applying Animation

  1. Add the “Grow/Shrink” Effect:
  • Apply a dynamic “Grow/Shrink” animation to the bar.
  • Customize animation options, including size increase and auto-reverse.
  1. Color Dynamics:
  • Enhance the visual appeal by adding a fill color animation.
  • Fine-tune color schemes, auto-reverse, and duration for a polished effect.

Duplication and Delay

  1. Duplicate and Layer Bars:
  • Duplicate bars for a layered and rhythmic animation.
  • Utilize red guides for precise positioning and spacing.
  • Adjust delay timings for each bar, creating a cascading visual effect.

Background Enhancement

  1. Background Color:
  • Add a solid black background for a professional and immersive feel.

Text and WordArt Integration

  1. Insert Text Elements:
  • Insert WordArt for a stylish text element.
  • Utilize pattern fill and strategic spacing for dots.
  • Apply underline emphasis and font color animations for a dynamic text reveal.

Positioning and Grouping

  1. Centering Without Compromising Animations:
  • Explore methods for centering and aligning the bars without losing animations.
  • Utilize guides for accurate placement.

Final Touches

  1. Fine-Tune Color Combinations:
  • Experiment with color combinations to suit your presentation theme.
  • Consider additional effects, like adding a rectangle at the bottom of the bar for extra flair.


And there you have it! A captivating musical bar animated loader ready to add flair to your presentations. I hope this tutorial sparks your creativity and enhances your PowerPoint skills.

Happy presenting! ๐Ÿš€

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