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Dog Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial

Dog Animation in PowerPoint Featured Image


In 2017, I published Harlow and Buddy Dog Animation in PowerPoint Video tutorials but unfortunately, both of them were without voice-over narration. So, here writing a complete blog post with a new animation explaining how to make a realistic Househead Dog Animation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

The original animation inspiration is by Po Chut’ Chut’ @

Dog Graphics Design in PowerPoint using Shape Tools

As I always said that making animation in PowerPoint is easy if you know how to draw using Shape Tools. It is certain that once you have your characters ready then you can easily add motion to them using PowerPoint animation effects.

  • Figure 1.1 illustrates all the shapes that have been used to draw the Dog Character. Except for the Eyes (Ovals), for the rest of the objects, FreeForm Shape Tool has been used.
How To Draw A Dog in PowerPoint using Shape Tools
Explaining all the shapes used to draw a Dog Character in PowerPoint.
Figure 1.1
  • Take a look at the positioning of the objects in the Selection Pane in Figure 1.2. All the shape layers have been designed and arranged in a manner that when you will place one on top of the other then they will create a bit 3D HouseHead Dog Character.
Explanation of objects and their placement and position in the Selection Pane.
Figure 1.2
  • As you may know that you cannot use the Merge Shapes command on Grouped objects. So, after designing the House, we Copy and Pasted the House As A Picture and subtracted the part, and placed the Eyes behind it and it seems as if the Dog Mouth is in between the House. Please watch the embedded video below for more information.

PowerPoint Effects Used For Dog Animation

Dog Animation Outline View in PowerPoint
Dog Animation in PowerPoint Outline View

Let’s talk about the animation effects that we used to create motion in the dog. Basically, we used 3 effects: Spin, Grow/Shrink, and Motion Paths.

Dog Tail Animation

  • Keep in mind that a Custom Anchor Point has been defined for the Tail to rotate from a specific position. We applied the SPIN Emphasis effect with 5 Degree Clockwise Rotation, No Smoothness, Auto Reverse, Duration 0.15 Seconds, and Repeat Until End of Slide. You can hide the Oval Anchor Point by using No Fill and No Outline from the Shape Format tab. See Figure 1.3:
Dog Tail Spin Emphasis Effect Explanation
Figure 1.3
Dog Tail Animation in PowerPoint
Dog Tail with Outline with Anchor Point

Dog Head, Nose, and Eyes Animation

  • As we have placed the Dog Eyes behind the House, so here I am explaining both of the animation effects. For House, we define a very short Down Motion Path with Default Smoothness and Auto Reverse, a short Time Duration of 0.15 Seconds, and Repeat Until End of Slide. See Figure 1.4:
Dog House Motion Path Animation
Figure 1.4
House Animation Effect
House Animation in PowerPoint
  • For Dog Nose, we used the Animation Painter to replicate the same effect from House.
Dog Nose Effect
Dog Nose Animation
  • For the Eyes, we are using the Left Motion Path with Default Smoothness, Auto Reverse, Delay Timing of 0.05 Seconds, and a Time Duration of 1 Second while Repeat Until End of Slide. See Figure 1.5:
Dog Eyes Animation Effect with Left Motion Path
Figure 1.5
Dog Eyes Animation with left Motion Path
Dog Eyes Animation

Dog Body, Tongue, and House Shadow Animation Effects

  • To create a little bit of movement in the Dog’s Body, we used the Grow/Shrink with 102% Horizontal growth only, no Smoothness, Auto Reverse, a Time Duration of 0.15 Seconds, and Repeat Until End of Slide. See Figure 1.6:
Dog Body Effects
Figure 1.6
Dog Body Animation
Dog Body Animation
  • We replicated the same animation effect on the Tongue and just changed the Grow Rate to 105% Horizontal, with the rest of the settings remaining the same as Auto Reverse, 0.15 Seconds Duration, and Repeat Until End of Slide. If you like then you can also apply the Short Down Motion Path as we applied to the Head and Nose.
Dog Tongue Effect
Dog Tongue Animation
  • So we did the same with House Shadow; another short Motion Path with Auto Reverse.
House Shadow Effect
House Shadow

I hope you got The Teacher Point.

Watch Dog Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial Video

The article also applies to the following versions:

  • PowerPoint 2007
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2016
  • PowerPoint 2019
  • Office 365

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