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Creating a Vibrant Jungle Animation in PowerPoint – Step-by-Step Guide

Jungle Animation in PowerPoint

Hello, animation enthusiasts! Today, we embark on an exciting journey to bring a jungle to life right in PowerPoint. The magic lies in the detailed creation of a Short Animated Jungle Cartoon Animation Scene using simple tools and techniques within the software.

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Slide Breakdown and Animation Duration

The animation is built on two slides, each meticulously crafted to contribute to the overall enchanting jungle scene. To check the total duration of the animation, navigate to the Transitions tab, click on Advance Slide, and note down the timings of each slide.

Objects and Layers Galore

Dive into the intricacies by opening the Selection Pane from the Home tab. A plethora of shapes and graphics layers come together to compose the entire scene.

  1. First Slide Background:
  • Covered with trees and bushes.
  1. Second Slide Characters:
  • Features a deer and a bird.

Deer Animation

The deer comes to life through three distinct poses. Using Appear/Disappear effects with adjusted Delay Timings, each pose is presented for a specified duration, adding a dynamic element to the scene.

Bird Animation

Naming layers proved challenging, but with the Animation Pane and Selection Pane, specific layers for the bird’s tail and wing were isolated.

  1. Custom Anchor Points:
  • An “Anchor Point” object, grouped with the bird’s wing, allows for a custom rotation point, providing a unique spin effect.
  1. Wing Animation:
  • Applying the Spin animation effect with varying durations and delays.
  1. Head Animation:
  • Utilizing Grow/Shrink effects with Auto Reverse to simulate a Woodpecker Bird effect.

Background Motion

To animate the background, Motion Path combined with Grow/Shrink effects were used. Duplicating the first slide and removing top graphics layers in the second slide extended the animation. Vector graphics for the scene can be downloaded from

Additional Movements

To add depth, Spin, and Grow/Shrink effects were applied to bushes for extra movement.


This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to crafting an Animated Jungle Cartoon Scene in PowerPoint. Whether you’re a seasoned animator or a novice, follow the steps outlined above, and you’ll be amazed at the vibrant jungle you can create right on your computer screen.

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Happy animating! 🌿🦌🐦

Download Jungle Animation PowerPoint PPT

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PowerPoint Template
Jungle Animation
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