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Moon Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial

Moon Animation in PowerPoint

Measuring Motion Path lengths in PowerPoint is painful and making Moon Animation in PowerPoint was not an easy task. Even though we only used the left motion path animation effect but assigning how much length we need for each motion path for each moon phase was a headache.

We need to take the help of Microsoft Excel to calculate the length which has been briefly explained in the video tutorial. Once we have the exact length the rest of the process was easy.

Watch Moon Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial Video

Download Moon Phases PowerPoint PPT

PPT Info.
PowerPoint Template
Character Animation
File Type: PPT / PPTX / XLS
No. of Files: 2
File Size: 565KB PPT / 12KB XLS
Number of Slides: 13

Download Moon Phases PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Download Moon Phases Circle Area Calculation Worksheet XLS


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