The Revolution Youtube Intro Template in PowerPoint

The Revolution YouTube Intro Template can easily be customized with the help of Selection and Animation Panes as described below:

How to Customize Youtube Intro Template

  1. From the Home Tab – click Select drop-down button – and then click Selection Pane
  2. From the Animations Tab – click Animation Pane
Free Youtube Intro Template - The Revolution
The Revolution – Fee Youtube Intro Template PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
  • Once you have both of these Panes on screen, look at the Selection Pane click Channel Name and this object will get selected on the slide and you can replace the text with your Channel Name.
  • Select Channel Slogan from the Select Pane and replace it with your Channel Slogan or URL.
  • To Export this presentation in MP4 Video Format – in PowerPoint 2013 / 2016 / 2019 click the File menu and then click Export and then select from the available Formats like Ultra HD, Full HD, HD and Standard, and your file is ready to use.

I hope you got The Teacher Point.

Watch The Revolution Youtube Intro Template in PowerPoint Preview @Youtube #TheTeacher

Download The Revolution Youtube Intro Template PPT

a microsoft powerpoint animation presentation by the teacher

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