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Creating Stunning PowerPoint 3D Animation : A Step-by-Step Tutorial

PowerPoint 3D Animation - The 3D Room

In today’s tutorial, we’ll explore the exciting world of combining 2D shapes and 3D models to create visually stunning PowerPoint 3D Animation. This tutorial is inspired by the work of Ben Evans at, with a few additional elements to give it a 3D animation feel.

Before we dive in, make sure to download the presentation file from our website. You can find the link in the video description and in the cards.

Exploring the Presentation

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the presentation, start by opening the Selection Pane. Here, you’ll find a total of eight objects on the slide, including five 2D shapes and three 3D models. The 3D airplane is a pre-animated model, automatically looping on the slide.

The walls, floor, roof, and window have been crafted using the Freeform Shape Tools. To better understand how these elements come together, use the Selection Pane to hide and reveal each layer.

Animation Effects Breakdown

Now, let’s open the Animation Pane from the Animations tab to examine the applied effects:

3D Pre-Animated Airplane

  • Scene 4 with a duration of 5 seconds, repeating 6 times (total animation duration: 30 seconds).
  • Grow/Shrink effect with a size of 350%, Auto Reverse, and a time duration of 15 seconds, creating the illusion of the airplane increasing in size as the camera moves.

Other Layers

  • Similar Grow/Shrink animation effects applied to each layer.
  • Turntable effect applied to the 3D Fan.
  • Motion Path effects applied to create movement:
  • Right motion path for the Right Wall.
  • Left motion path for the Left Wall.
  • Down motion path for the Floor.
  • Down motion path for the Floor and Table.
  • Up motion path for the Fan.

Creating Illusions with Animation

The combination of Grow/Shrink and Motion Path animations cleverly creates the illusion of a dynamic scene. As the camera appears to move towards the Front Wall, the objects in the room seem to grow larger. The Auto Reverse feature, kicking in after 15 seconds, reverses the motion paths and sizes, creating the illusion of the camera moving outside the room.


In conclusion, this tutorial provides a technique to unleash your creativity in PowerPoint animations. By combining 2D shapes and 3D models with strategic animation effects, you can craft engaging and visually appealing presentations.

Download the Presentation File Here

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Don’t forget to like, share, and comment. If you want a more visual representation of the concepts discussed, be sure to watch the accompanying video. Thank you for reading, and until next time – bye and take care!

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