Stick Figure Animation in PowerPoint

Amazing Stick Figure Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial

Are you ready to take your PowerPoint skills to the next level? In this tutorial, we’ll explore the captivating world of stick figure animation in PowerPoint. Follow along as we dive into the intricate details of character rigging, bringing static stick figures to life through dynamic and expressive animations.

Stick Figure Animation Preview


PowerPoint, often underestimated in its animation capabilities, proves to be a powerhouse in the hands of creative minds. Rajiv’s tutorial promises an engaging journey through the process of character rigging, using PowerPoint 2016 to craft impressive stick figure animations.

Overview of Objects and Animations

To begin, Rajiv demonstrates the importance of understanding the objects used in the presentation. By opening the Selection Pane, viewers gain insights into the layers and groups meticulously organized to form the stick figure. The Animation Pane is introduced as a crucial tool for managing and orchestrating various animations.

Animating the Face

The tutorial kicks off with a focus on the face. Viewers are guided through the application of spin animations, adjusting durations, and fine-tuning rotation degrees. The step-by-step instructions provide a clear understanding of how to animate facial expressions effectively.

Animating the Body, Legs, and Hands

Rajiv delves into the intricacies of animating the body, tackling challenges with separate parts of the legs and hands. He addresses the limitations of animating grouped objects together and provides ingenious solutions. Animation Painter becomes a handy tool for replicating consistent animations across different elements.

Dealing with Glitches and Imperfections

PowerPoint animations are not without their quirks. Rajiv candidly addresses glitches and imperfections that may arise during the animation process. Tips and workarounds are shared to ensure a polished final result.

Animating the Shadow

Adding depth to the stick figure, Rajiv demonstrates the animation of a shadow using motion paths and grow/shrink effects. The tutorial emphasizes the importance of considering shadows to enhance the overall visual appeal.

Extending Animation Duration

Unlock the secret to extending your animation’s duration by duplicating slides. Rajiv shows how this technique provides flexibility in tailoring the length of your animation to suit your creative vision.

Visual Learning Experience

For a more immersive understanding, check out the embedded video tutorial below:

Watch Stick Figure Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial Video


Rajiv Kohli’s tutorial not only elevates your PowerPoint skills but also unlocks the potential for storytelling and creative expression. By combining technical know-how with artistic flair, you’ll be able to breathe life into your presentations in ways you never thought possible.

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Happy animating! 🚀✨

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