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Seal Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial


Even if you are a Beginner and have not tried much of the animation stuff but still I will insist you read this article on How To Make Seal Animation in PowerPoint using Morph Transition. This tutorial is not only about creating a Seal Animation but you will also learn how you can use the Morph Transition with some well-designed characters to easily create motion in them.

Step 1 โ€“ Design View of Seal

  • For instance, take a look at the Outlined View and list of objects used in the Selection Pane for the Seal Character in Figure 1.1:
Seal Animation Outlined View
Figure 1.1

You can watch my playlist on How To Use Shape Tools in Microsoft Office (Word / PowerPoint) to learn how to draw these kinds of characters using various Shape and Formatting Tools.

  • The additional circles that you are seeing along with the body parts of the seal have been defined so that later we can easily rotate the objects to a particular point as you can see in Figure 1.2:
Seal Drawing
Figure 1.2

The body parts which are in motion should be drawn separately #ListenMicrosoft as you cannot apply different animations to grouped objects in PowerPoint like we have drawn the Tail, Phin, and Body separately.

Seal Animation in PowerPoint
Seal Animation in Microsoft PowerPoint

Step 2 โ€“ Duplicating Slides

  • Once you have your character ready, just duplicate the first slide as shown in Figure 1.3:
Seal Animation Duplicate Slide
Figure 1.3
  • On the 2nd Slide, you can easily rotate the Tail, Phin, or Body by selecting the Outer Ovals and rotating them.
Seal Animation Rotation Technique
Figure 1.4

The Point is to make 5 duplicates (Total 6 Slides) of the first slide and change the position of the Tail, Phin, Body, and Mustache on each of the duplicated slides as shown in Figure 1.5:

All Slides of Seal Animation Presentation
Figure 1.5
6 Seal Moving Down and Up Positions in 6 Slides

Step 3 โ€“ Applying Morph Transition

  • The final step is to apply the Morph Transition on 5 duplicated slides (Slides No. 2 to 6) with a Duration Timing of 0.05 Seconds and Advance Slide set to After with 0.05 Duration.
Seal Animation Using Morph Transition
Figure 1.6

Seal Animation using PowerPoint Effects without Morph Transition

In the second presentation, we used PowerPoint Effects to create the same Seal Animation using Motion Paths and Spin animation. People, who donโ€™t have PowerPoint 2016/2019 or Office 365 Subscription can use this presentation.

If you donโ€™t have Morph Transition available in your PowerPoint and you want to create some different animation then you can download the presentation from the link below and can draw or insert new objects as required and Morph Transition will still work.

I hope you got The Teacher Point!

Watch Seal Animation in PowerPoint Tutorial Video

The article How To Make Animation with Vector Files also applies to the following versions:

  • PowerPoint 2007
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2016
  • PowerPoint 2019
  • Office 365 With Morph Transition

Download Seal Animation PowerPoint Template

Download Seal Animation PPT 1

PowerPoint Presentation
File Type: PPT / PPTX
File Size: 72KB
Number of Slides: 6
Seal Animation PowerPoint Template

Download Seal Animation PPT 2

PowerPoint Presentation
File Type: PPT / PPTX
File Size: 41KB
Number of Slides: 1
Seal Animation PowerPoint Template

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